Ingest, Analyse, Discover, Action


An adaptable AI-driven knowledge processing platform

Unearth can ingest information flows from SharePoint, Twitter, OneDrive, DropBox, Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Bots, SQL Server... choose from 200+ standard connectors or create custom connectors for your operational systems.
Unearth can process PDFs, Word documents, images, posts, tweets, emails, video, audio, SQL or NoSQL data and many other standard formats. Custom ingestion plug-ins can be created for any data type.
Procedural and AI plug-ins analyse and enhance ingested information. Generated metadata is stored in the Unearth Knowledge Base and rules can initiate actions.
Standard analysers: OCR, translate, datascrub, summarize, categorize, geo-parse, time-parse.
Custom analysers: Procedural or AI plug-ins that create custom metadata specific to your organisation and applications. These may be shared or private IP and can give your organisation competitive advantage.
Unearth's Discovery API understands time, place and context. It learns and adapts to your custom metadata and allows you to explore and export information extracted from sources or insights created by analysers - via Unearth's standard UIs, from custom UIs or from within your LOB applications.
Discovery implements Cognitive Search. It includes context-aware procedural and AI plug-ins that transform queries and results in intelligent ways. It is extensible and can combine results from multiple sources, indexes and engines.
Intelligent Action
Actions fire based on creation or discovery of standard or custom metadata. OOB or custom connectors allow integration with email, SMS etc. or your operational systems.
Generate features to train your downstream AI, pass stimuli to downstream AI for consideration and action.
Actions allow your systems and operational AIs to react in real-time to important information discovered by Analysis AIs in your organisation's information flows.

 Make full use of your organisation's knowledge 

Install Unearth
Out of the box, Unearth is a web-scale cognitive search tool that can be easily connected to many standard information sources. Unearth's UIs allow you to intelligently explore your organisation's private information.
Customize Unearth
The real power of Unearth comes when you install or create: specialised Connectors to pull information out of or push Unearth metadata into your LOB systems; Custom procedural or AI Analysers to discover or create application-specific metadata to be actioned or stored in the Unearth Knowledge Base; define Actions to be taken when specific conditions are met; and create Language Contexts that recognise the specialised language of a particular corpus/library of information, group of people or application.
Learn more
To discuss how Unearth could help your organisation, contact:
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